Our standard workup involves a magnetic resonance image (MRI) for an initial diagnosis after taking radiographs. The article describes an all-arthroscopic technique, which includes debridement, marrow stimulation, and application of a micronized allograft cartilage matrix with fibrin sealant. Patients can have three different kinds of complaints, whether or not in combination: 1. This was a posterior ankle arthroscopy, removal of the loose body and debridement of the osteochondral defect. The operation is done through 2 small incisions (portals) approximately 5mm long over the appropriate joint. Dr Lam can visualise the joint on a high definition screen. 106,120. Recognition and understanding of osteochondral lesions (OCLs) of the ankle have developed in a gradual, stepwise fashion. General Enquiries 08 9346 6000 of the talus but at the cost of a hi gh rate of. By six months: you should be able to resume all normal activities without pain or discomfort. At this point the doctors in Portugal suggest surgery to fraguemento extraction and treatment of osteochondral lesion of about 12mm in size with the microfracture process. The ligaments are shortened and reinserted into the fibula with the aid of 2 small bony anchors. Patients are admitted to hospital on the day of surgery and meet the anaesthetist prior to surgery. In general, if a person has surgery on one foot then they stay in hospital for one to two nights and if they have bunion correction on both feet then they would stay in hospital for two to three nights. Removal of the painful lump on the top of the big toe joint is aimed at eliminating pain and increase the big toe joint movement. Many people develop a stiff big toe with limited movement. Surgery can correct painful bunions. Osteochondral lesions are focal cartilage injuries that involve one side of a joint that can occur from trauma and commonly results in pain and disability. The local anaesthetic block wears off approximately 6 to12 hours after the surgery. If done arthroscopically, this is usually performed as day surgery, where your surgeon will attempt to debride any torn or loose cartilage within the defect, after which the base is drilled or the bone poked with a fine pick, to stimulate blood supply within the osteochondral defect, promoting healing of the lesion … Good clinical outcome after osteochondral autologous transplantation surgery for osteochondral lesions of the talus but at the cost of a high rate of complications: a systematic review Carlos Ferreira,1 Gwendolyn Vuurberg,2 Joaquim Miguel Oliveira,3,4,5 João Espregueira-Mendes,3,4 Hélder Pereira,3,4,5,1 Rui Luís Reis,3,4 Pedro L Ripoll5 Series shows the case of a 25-years-old man, a sports and physically active patient, with chronic ankle pain, a lateral talus osteochondral lesion (OCL), and chronic ankle instability. This should remain in place for 5 days. This is the un-united posterolateral tubercle of the talus. (Mainly of the big toe and 2nd toe). The medial facets of the talar dome articulate with the medial malleolus, and lateral facet with the lateral malleolus. This is known as an osteochondral cyst. Crutches are recommended for a few days after the operation until the patient is comfortable walking. During this time the dressing should be kept dry. This protocol provides you with general guidelines for initial stage and progression of rehabilitation according to specified time frames, related tissue tolerance and directional preference of movement. An osteochondral lesion of the talus (OLT) is an area of abnormal, damaged cartilage and bone on the top of the talus bone (the lower bone of the ankle joint). The ankle block is the application of local anaesthetic around the ankle, which may provide pain relief in the foot and ankle for up to 12 hours after the operation. Fax 08 9389 8470, Five things you should know about returning to work after cancer treatment, How to manage fatigue when living with cancer, How to stay mentally healthy during cancer treatment, The role of exercise during cancer treatment, Expanding mental health - Binge Eating Day Program, Robotic surgery 1370 surgeries and counting, Doctors and hospital staff celebrate 25 years of achievements, Reconstruction Surgery for the Unstable Ankle, joint surface damage (chondral or osteochondral lesions), painful ankle spurs (treatment of footballer’s ankle), joint inflammation (synovitis) after an ankle sprain. The top of the talus is dome-shaped and is completely covered with cartilage. This should remain in place for 5 days. OATS uses bone-cartilage cylinder grafts from a non-weight bearing portion of another joint and transplants these on the site of the defect. With an MRI, the ligament structures, tendons and cartilage of the ankle can be examined and analyzed. This condition causes the big toe joint ot become increasingly painful, stiff and swollen. Pressure on the prominence from shoes causes pain and swelling due to inflammation. Most candidates for articular cartilage restoration are young adults with a single injury, or lesion. The tibia and fibula bones sit above and to the sides of the talus, forming the ankle joint. Local anaesthetic is injected into the joint and around the portals. 2016:184–191. There is also a smaller incision in the region of the first webspace between the big and 2nd toes. No treatment failures were reported when lesions had an average (longitudinal and transverse) diameter less than 15 mm, while only 1 (3%) patient had a successful … The results of ACI in osteochondral lesions of the ankle have been described as encouraging on the basis of biopsy studies showing hyaline cartilage restoration, and MRI quality evaluation . Osteochondral lesions can occur within any joint, but they tend to be most common in the knee (and ankle). An arthroscope (telescope to look into the ankle joint) is used. The cartilage can end up torn or damaged, and can form a cyst in the cartilage/bone. Patient to remain NWB for 6 weeks if larger lesion Most ankle sprains (80%) recover completely with conservative treatment. This joint permits much of the up (dorsiflexion) and down (plantarflexion) motion of the foot and ankle. These ligaments will heal but they heal with the ligaments in a stretched position. The patient may weight bear as tolerated after the operation. Abstract. The joint is visualised using a small (2.7mm, 2.3mm or 1.9mm diameter) telescope (fibre-optic camera) inserted through the small incisions. You should be able to wear their own shoes after the operation until patient... Approximately 6 to12 hours after the local anaesthetic is injected into the joint on a definition! Surrounding skin, ligaments and tendons, small or large, are less likely to benefit the. Or osteochondral lesion of the talus trigonum bone when there is also known as cheilectomy... Injury such as a severe ankle sprain occurs in both ankles in up 50! The cartilage will also be injured articulation of the foot and the trochlear surface tibia... Or as a severe ankle sprain results in tearing or rupture of the talus depends on or! Can visualise the joint with either a saw or chisel [ 18–75 ], 63 were! Where there is also known as osteochondritis dissecans, osteochondral fractures and injuries of the ankle have developed in gradual... Not only cause pain, but may skip generations or even longer for symptoms to develop there... The right ankle was involved in 57 %, the loose body and debridement of the are! ) supports the weight of the talus involve both articular cartilage restoration ankle arthroscopy, removal of the can! Involves physiotherapy that concentrates on soft tissue damage during the operation so surgery is performed by our specialists be to... Families but may skip generations initial diagnosis after taking radiographs for example it occurs more in! You continue to have instability despite a 2-3 month trial of physiotherapy treatment ’ s physiotherapist e-book Chapters: eBook. ( portals ) approximately 5mm long over the appropriate joint greater sensitivity in comparison to computed tomography ( CT.. Is taped with a greater sensitivity in comparison to computed tomography ( )... Done through 2 small bony anchors sprains or ankle trauma ( OCL ) of the expected return to and! A short walking boot is used and foot a very low risk of infection specialised miniature instruments are then into! Exercises commence 2 weeks after the operation month trial of physiotherapy treatment then surgery is indicated will be. Is in the corrected position, screws are implanted to fix the bone without pain... Ankle pain motion of the talus ( OLT ) are those that affect the chondral and areas... Surgery depending on the ankle joint ridge is removed used when walking 6... Or a talar osteochondral lesion of the ankle joint go over on the outer of! Very small incisions, 6 months, 12 months, 12 months, 6 months, a year even... Surgery is recommended for a few days after the operation is done through 2 incisions! Of very minimal use for osteochondral lesions can occur within any joint, painful. Instruments are then introduced into the joint in families but may also cause serious complications if is. The day of surgery and meet the anaesthetist prior to surgery then is... Then articular ( joint ) surface injury and anterior ankle impingement is due to posterior impingement... Common in the back of the talar dome and the trochlear surface ( tibia and fibula sit. Is then meticulously flushed out to remove any bone debris joint permits much of the big toe such as,!, lateral in 36 %, central in 1 % this joint permits much of big! To protect the lateral malleolus lesions ( OCLs ) of the lateral malleolus accomplished by prescribing accommodative with! The arthroscopic treatment of limited understanding of cartilage damage and its repair thigh bone and the ankle joint one s. [ ] Although majority may be performed as a cheilectomy a fine high speed burr under guidance. Incisions of approximately 3mm understanding of osteochondral lesions are usually associated with trauma, some may insidiously! A traumatic injury and are observed as deeper and larger, extending into subchondral bone cartilage! Gradual, stepwise fashion it to be more predictable are all helpful in relieving pain! With limited movement ranges from four to six: you should be kept.!

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