We've been using RV Trip Wizard for well over a year and there's just no other tool like it. We have used RV Trip Wizard for several trips. If you follow this channel you already know that Siren and myself have been testing the RV Trip Wizard during our 1,400 mile “Escape the Humidity” Road Trip from Orlando, FL to Petoskey, Michigan. For bigger rigs there are several truck routing sites online. The app also has helpful time and mileage service reminders like the engine oil and the air filter. It also calculates a safe route based on your rig’s exact measurements, so you know when to avoid low clearance bridges. Trips have no limit on the number of stops. iOS | Android 11. RV Trip Wizard User Review . This post may contain affiliate links. RV Trip Wizard (step 3) Once we have a time outline of general locations, it's time for the absolute best tool we've found for RV trip planning: RV Trip Wizard! You can also rank the memberships in your account preferences based on what affiliation (i.e. RV Trip Wizard™ is a web-based application which greatly simplifies RV trip planning. Filter campgrounds to find ones that are pet-friendly, big-rig friendly. . Browse from ALL campground affiliations (Passport America, KOA, etc.). It also calculates a safe route based on your rig’s exact measurements, so you know when to avoid low clearance bridges. Route 66 is the penultimate cross-country road trip route, stretching all the way … $39 is not a budget buster but does it integrate Passport America or similar services? 2nd paragraph in the article says you can integrate Passport America, KOA, etc. RV Trip Wizard User Guide. About RV Trip Wizard. Luckily, there are still some very useful resources for RV trip planning that will help you map out your travels, find campgrounds and more. RV Trip Wizard does not guarantee the accuracy of, and disclaims all liability for, any errors or other inaccuracies relating to the information on the Website (including but not limited to descriptions of campgrounds, RV parks, points of interest, and any other travel products displayed on this Website). RV Trip Wizard is a premium service and has a subscription fee. This planner shows all of the campgrounds and RV parks along your route, with integrated reviews and information from Campground Reviews. In 2017 we designed and made a trip across the northern tier states in the West and visited 22 RV parks. Search over 40,000 commercial RV parks across North America, sorted by rating and user reviews from other campers. You can also search for points of interest including rest areas, fuel stations, overnight parking, dump stations, as well as places like casinos with campgrounds and Walmarts. The modes of the Charge Wizard are: BOOST Mode 14.4 Volts: This mode quickly brings the RV’s battery to 90% of its complete charge. The app is free to download from the App Store and Google Play, or you can simply log in and track your fuel-ups on their website. You can look up places near you on their website here or download their app and pull it up on your phone when you’re on-the-go. Furkot: Free, with integrated ratings on campgrounds from Campground Reviews. We’ve collected camping apps of all types that are likely to help you plan your next camping trip, whether its at a popular national park or in your local woods. New to this game. Over 57,000 points of interest, including area attractions and RV services like where to find gas stations, dump stations, etc. RV Propane Heater vs Electric: What’s Right For Your RV? Our very own RV LIFE app is free to download on both Apple and Android devices. See more Free Apps For Comparing Gas Prices. RV Trip Wizard is easy to use and extremely convenient, especially when planning a … However, Furkot does not allow you to filter them like RV Trip Wizard to find RV parks with hookups, within a certain price range, with specific features (like pull-thru sites), or where you can get RV club discounts. Research Campgrounds, Plan RV Safe Routes & Turn your phone into an RV GPS. I use RV Trip Wizard to plan our route. The best trip planning tool made specifically for RVers is RV Trip Wizard. Need to make a quick stop? Like Yelping a new restaurant, there isn’t a better way to learn more about RV parks than by reading reviews from the campers before you. Google Maps also gives you the option to avoid highways, toll roads, and ferries. Yes, It includes Passport America, KOA, and a whole host of others I was not familiar with. This post may contain affiliate links. You can set Driving Distances to help you limit how many miles you’re driving in a day. Our goal is to learn from each other's experiences & build the ultimate campground locator & RV GPS app. RV Trip Wizard is owned by Social Knowledge, the parent company of RV LIFE. Stories From The Road: Meet This Digital Nomad RV Couple, Get A First Look At The New Airstream Travel Trailer, 5 Things To Know Before Booking A Motorhome Rental. RV Mods - RV Guides - RV Tips | DoItYourselfRV, By Nikki Cleveland Featured Posts, Living, Mobile Internet, Quick Tips. I’ve been using this as a stand-alone program since the earlier version called RV Trip Wizard. There can be a lot of stress when you start to plan an RV trip. Google Earth / Maps. Try the FREE demo today. Was GS Trip Planner the gold standard? It is fantastic and after a small learning curve it is easy to use. For this year, I will stay with Trip Wizard. You can find: Campgrounds near you: The… They may require reservations, or they may not have any spots open for your arrival date. Read the full directions here. RV Trip Wizard, Campground Reviews, and Fuelly are owned by Social Knowledge, the parent company of Do It Yourself RV. RV Trip Wizard does charge a small fee, but it’s worth the value at $39 a year for what you’re getting. Price: Free Availability: iOS and Android Rating: 4.7/5, 4.2K Ratings Shows hotels, campgrounds, and apartments for overnight accommodations, Shows the current weather forecast at each stop and the time of the sunrise & sunset, Plan routes by mode of transportation, car, motorcycle, bike, or walking, Find restaurants, breweries/wineries/bars, coffee shops, farmers markets, grocery stores, fuel stations, and airports, Shows points of interest including museums, parks and natural features, outdoor sports and activities, beach and water recreation, scenic byways and backroads, unpaved roads and off-road trails, events and entertainment, and more. Find the perfect RV park. RV Trip Wizard, Campground Reviews, and Fuelly are owned by Social Knowledge, the parent company of Do It Yourself RV. RV Trip Wizard isn’t free like the other two planners, but it’s a very affordable $39 a year, especially when you consider how much it saves you in time. Find new places you never knew existed and plan the perfect road trip for you and your friends 2. No mobile app yet (but we hear one is in the works). Given all the hype, I tried it myself. Nikki is a writer and editor for Do It Yourself RV, RV LIFE, and Camper Report. RV Trip Wizard costs $37/year. All you need is a computer, tablet, or mobile device connected to the Internet. In one case, one feature actually comprises […] You can also click here to view a list of video tutorials designed to help you better familiarize yourself with RV Trip Wizard … RV Trip Wizard Review I want to take just a couple of minutes to do an RV Trip Wizard review and show you some of the things I like best about RV Trip Wizard as well as some of the things I like least about RV Trip Wizard. News, tips, travel planning info, and RV website access are all available in one handy app for iOS and Android devices. The online planner calculates your total mileage and trip cost, and can send the itinerary to your Facebook, friend, or GPS system. One of the most commendable benefits of this GPS system is the fact that it allows easy route shaping. I recommend RV Trip Wizard to other RVers all the time. The Dyrt — 500,000+ RV and Tent Campsites, Reviews & Tips for All U.S. Campgrounds. Why pay more for gas when there’s a station down the street 10 cents cheaper? You can map out the perfect route on RV Trip Wizard, download it as a file and import it into Google to get directions accessible from your mobile device. Hopefully these tools will save you some time and money. The newer system will contain many improvements based on input from GS users.and should be available later this year. Routes can easily be exported to your GPS or sent to your Facebook, friend, e-mailed, calendar, Excel, or printed. An RV-specific tool that uses your vehicle’s measurements (height, weight, etc) so you can track expenses and plan safe routes for your rig. Unlike other trip planners, RV Trip Wizard shows all campground affiliations. See more Free Apps For Comparing Gas Prices, Try the RV LIFE Pro Bundle FREE for 7 days, RV Mods – RV Guides – RV Tips | DoItYourselfRV, What Is An RV Macerator Pump (And Do You Really Need One?). RV Parky Built by a full-timer RVer, this must-have app offers a guide to RV parks, campgrounds, rest stops, gas stations and stores, as well as low clearance warnings and a trip planner. Does not show campground affiliations/discounts offered, Steep learning curve/not as simple to use, Search for restaurants, gas stations, grocery stores and more along your route, Shows directions for car, public transportation, walking/biking, Does not show campground discount club affiliations, Does not show the best campgrounds on your route.

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