Abraham Rodriguez as Spencer Buckley, one of the students at Bayside High. Cast, plot, trailer, latest news. Saved By The Bell would be the next to get a reboot and low and behold, the time for its premiere has come. When is the Saved by the Bell reboot on TV? In November 2020, it was announced that Dennis Haskins would not be reprising the role of Mr. Belding in the first season of the new series.[5]. In a conversation between Jessie and Slater, it's revealed that Screech is residing in space. Wigfield encouraged her staff to watch the old episodes and "think about them through a 2020 lens. The series has officially renewed for Season 2 on NBC’s streaming service, Peacock. 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Mac and Lexi hatch a scheme to break Aisha and Jamie up during Jamie's big birthday party. It was broadcast from August 20, 1989 to May 22, 1993. [59] The following day, the main cast described their feelings on returning to Bayside High in a featurette video exclusively debuted by People's official website. Every week, Gosselaar and Driscoll dissected one episode from the original series' first run, "analyzing iconic show moments and discussing “never-before-heard stories” from the set with featured guests". A 'Saved By the Bell' remake is coming to NBC's streaming service Peacock", "Saved by the Bell Revival's Zack Is a 'Little Offensive, Not on the Right Side of Things,' Per Mark-Paul Gosselaar", "Bayside High has become Saved By The Bell writer Dashiell Driscoll's Overlook Hotel", "Saved by the Bell Reboot Will Be Edgier & Is Shot on Film This Time", "Zack Morris Is Still Trash in Saved by the Bell Reboot Promises Mark-Paul Gosselaar", "Saved by the Bell's Tracey Wigfield Wanted to Reimagine Bayside as a 'Bubble of Privilege, "Saved by the Bell Revival Has Not Approached 'Governor' Mark-Paul Gosselaar or Tiffani Thiessen", "Peacock's 'Saved by the Bell' Sequel Finds Its Lead in Josie Totah (Exclusive)", "Saved by the Bell Revival: Champions' Josie Totah Cast in Peacock Series", "Mark-Paul Gosselaar Returning as Zack Morris in Peacock's Saved by the Bell Revival", "Lark Voorhies Responds To Being Excluded From 'Saved By The Bell' Revival: "I Feel A Bit Slighted And Hurt, "Mario Lopez Says The 'Saved by the Bell' Reboot Will Have the Perfect Balance of Nostalgia", "Time out! Wigfield would also executive produce the show alongside Franco Bario and Peter Engel, producer and executive producer of the original series, respectively. [34] Tracey Wigfield stated that the role of Screech, despite being mentioned, "wasn't tied to any of the new characters or anything" in the first season but that the door was open for Diamond to appear in future seasons. The "Punky Brewster" preview also dropped as NBC's Peacock streaming service prepares to fly. Zack Morris, the … Saved By The Bell's Lark Voorhies says a cameo on the show's reboot helped with her schizoaffective disorder. The Saved By The Bell reboot ran for 10 episodes last year, and it was confirmed in January that it will be returning for a second 10-episode season. [17], Berkley noted that the new series would “maintain that heart with all of the humor”,[17] appealing to both the new generation and the original fans. He recognized that Wigfield had "good sense to realize that a show set at a moneyed SoCal high school cannot avoid the question of income inequality and how it trickles down into the public education system" and that the project "needed a justification for its own existence beyond nostalgia for the first Bush administration, and notwithstanding its many other flaws, Wigfield has smartly managed that much." The Bayside gang once sang about being friends forever, and when Peacock's Saved by the Bell reboot premieres on Nov. 25, Zack, Kelly, Jessie, and Lisa will be together again. Having seen only three episodes, Owen added: "More writing like [Totah's lines] and this Bell might be worth saving". [27][28] On January 24, 2020, Deadline announced that Dexter Darden had joined the cast as well in an undisclosed role[29] and on January 27, Haskiri Velazquez, Mitchell Hoog, Alycia Pascual-Pena and Belmont Cameli were announced.[30]. A follow-up series to the 1990s sitcom. Describing the series as "a funnier and more culturally relevant reimagining of Bayside High", Betancourt applauded it for its "standout cast of young newcomers", especially the "much needed Afro-Latina representation" personified by Haskiri Velazquez and Alycia Pascual-Peña. We're so excited! [2], All the main actors from the original Saved by the Bell reprised their roles, except for Dustin Diamond and Dennis Haskins as Screech and Mr. Belding, respectively.[3][4][5]. Corey Michael Bangi as Mason, one of the students at Bayside High. "If it's all of those things, Saved by the Bell is having way too much fun to make any of these statements very well. When the first trailer for the Saved by the Bell reboot was released, it was easy to notice what was missing: Screech! In the reboot, he shows his softer side as he works at Bayside high, helping to mold and guide a new generation of students. RELATED: Saved By The Bell: 10 Best 90s References In The Reboot. Meanwhile, Aisha and Slater concoct a scheme to make the football team more competitive. Anything that took place at the gym or in the theater, or anything else in an actual school, we had to move to the lot. This page was last edited on 6 February 2021, at 05:57. Daisy and Aisha try to find a way to keep the Douglas students at Bayside. In the newest version of the popular '90s Saturday morning show, Zack Morris is governor and is dealing with students transferring to Bayside High School because the surrounding schools have financial problems. [24], The production shutdown caused by the COVID-19 pandemic forced the writers to change the three remaining teleplays and to simplify some details in order for the shooting to be viable for the new protocols. Patrick Thomas O'Brien, who plays Mr. Dewey, also appears in the trailer. [21] "I wanted to remain true to the fact that Jessie was a bit ahead of her time. "[25] A reference to the coronavirus was also added. The show follows a new class of students at Bayside High School. So we had to make some changes there. Daisy's English teacher tells Daisy that she doesn't expect her to hand in the summer reading assignment, since she just transferred to Bayside High. While Diamond's death is a heartbreaking development, the outpouring of support from his SBTB cast and fans alike shows how beloved he really was. Totah has previously enjoyed roles in such shows as Glee and such blockbuster movies as Spider-Man: Homecoming. "In the wrong hands, the characters of Lexi and Mac Morris could skew towards unlikable, but Totah and Hoog imbue these posh teens with an inherent affability." [73], Alex Maidy of JoBlo.com was more negative in his review, giving it a 4 out of 10 vote and describing it as "one of the worst shows of 2020." Jamie takes Aisha to the Harvest Dance. "[69] In his review forTVLine, Dave Nemetz s gave the series a B+ grade, calling it "surprisingly good" and "a cleverly constructed, highly tongue-in-cheek reinvention that pokes plenty of fun at its inspiration while finding genuine laughs of its own. Students from all cliques band together to stage a school-wide walkout. Due to their involvement as producers during the pre-production process, both Mario Lopez and Elizabeth Berkley had to cancel their appearances at the Steel City Con in Monroeville, Pennsylvania, originally scheduled on December 7–8. "[74] [23] For those missing high school hijinks while the nation’s kids stay at home to learn, the “Saved by the Bell” reboot trailer has arrived. Douglas High students Daisy, Aisha and Devante are forced to transfer from their low-income high school to one of the most affluent schools in the state, Bayside High, after Governor Zack Morris closes Douglas High due to budget cuts. All 10 episodes are out now and available to watch online on the platform with a … The series was shot using single-camera setup and without a live studio audience, unlike the original, multi-camera sitcom.[20]. After a fight with Devante, Aisha decides to write a note that Devante did it and puts it in a suggestion box. Bringing in a mix of fan-favorites and returning new characters, is the sequel in a sense – apathy. He promises to fight alongside her from now on. Saved by the Bell's 2020 reboot is launching exclusively on Peacock, NBC's new streaming service, in the US. [8] On January 6, 2020, The Hollywood Reporter reported that 18-year-old actress Josie Totah had joined the cast of the comedy as Lexi and that she would also be credited as a producer on the show. Created by Sam Bobrick, Tracey Wigfield. The Saved by the Bell reboot is here as it was released on Peacock this week. On March 13, 2020, production was halted due to the COVID-19 pandemic in the United States during the pre-production of episode 1.08, before Gosselaar, Thiessen and Voorhies could film their scenes. [2], Executive producer and showrunner Tracey Wigfield developed the idea alongside Berkley and Lopez, who joined the show also as producers. The pilot is so bad and the blending of real world issues for plot is woof. At Bayside High, Daisy, Aisha and Devante meet students Mac, Lexi and Jamie. Daisy tries to file some paperwork at city hall but is sadly too late. In the video, actor Dexter Darden made it clear that there were "no laugh tracks" in the new show. The recent Saved by the Bell reboot revealed the fate of Screech. She later realizes her mistake and tries to fix this but ends up incriminating herself. DeShawn Cavanaugh as Colt Cassidy, Jamie's friend who's also on the Bayside High football team. [62], A three-day marathon of the original episodes aired on E! I was so grateful that Universal and [showrunner] Tracey Wigfield really championed me and allowed me to be a producer on this project because I didn't feel comfortable doing a show that explored my character's gender identity if representation didn't exist". Here's your first look at Lark Voorhies' surprise return in Saved by the Bell revival", "Saved by the Bell's Dustin Diamond Says You Can't Do a Proper Revival Without Screech — Watch Video", "Dustin Diamond, 'Saved by the Bell' Actor, Dies at 44", "Final Steel City Con of the year set for early December weekend", "DETAILS: First Table Read For 'Saved By The Bell' Reboot Goes Down! Watch: Mario Lopez Talks Reprising Role in New "Saved By the Bell" We're so excited! Her mom promises that Daisy can go and that she'll figure out a way to make it work. After Mac pleads with Zack, the latter relents and signs an executive order putting a three-year freeze on all school openings and closures, effectively keeping all Douglas kids at Bayside until graduation. In response to the controversy, Peacock, Universal Television, and the show's executive producers issued a statement:.mw-parser-output .templatequote{overflow:hidden;margin:1em 0;padding:0 40px}.mw-parser-output .templatequote .templatequotecite{line-height:1.5em;text-align:left;padding-left:1.6em;margin-top:0}, We apologize. After a speech from Slater, the boys decide not to let Pamela ruin their friendship. Funny or Die‘s Dashiell Driscoll, the executive producer of the web-series Zack Morris Is Trash, was hired as a staff writer for the show, along with 50 Central‘s Shantira Jac… Mac tells Daisy to only settle for the best things and plan the dance like she is 'a rich person'. Tanner's mother, Jade, starts advocating for Devante's expulsion from the school. Saved by the Bell is an American television sitcom created by Sam Bobrick for NBC. Saved By the Bell is the latest '90s show to be getting a reboot, with Peacock set to release new episodes soon. Dustin Diamond publicly expressed disappointment for not being invited to reprise his role of Screech Powers in the new show, as the only cast member who had been featured as a leading character in every previous incarnation of Saved by the Bell. The pilot, shot in 7 days, wrapped on January 20. There are lessons at the end of each half-hour, only now they feel much deeper and more important than they did in the 1990s. Jamie reveals that he has feelings for Aisha. Some of the previous cast members included Elizabeth Berkley, Mario Lopez, Mark-Paul Gosselaar and more. Jen Chaney of Vulture gave the series a positive review, dubbing it "a self-aware satirical delight" and described the pilot as "the strongest first episode of a comedy I’ve seen all year." According to TVLine, fans have been waiting to hear about a renewal ever since the reboot began airing. In early 2020, Lark Voorhies stated that she was not initially invited to be part of the show's reunion as well as other cast members events while appearing on TV for the first time in years on The Dr. Oz Show to discuss her mental health issues. The marathon included the U.S. television premiere of the new show's pilot, that aired on December 13 at 9 p.m.[63], For the series, review aggregator Rotten Tomatoes reported an approval rating of 76% based on 33 critic reviews, with an average rating of 7/10.The website's critical consensus reads, "Though the intended grade isn't always clear, Saved By The Bell’s capable cast of newcomers make Bayside's halls their own in a reboot that's smart, self-aware, and seriously funny. Also Read: 'Saved by the Bell' Reboot Producers Say Zack Morris Isn't 'Trash,' but Mac Morris Definitely Is (Video) “We are immensely proud of Tracey’s innovative reimagining of ‘Saved … [79] Candice Frederick of TV Guide gave it a 2.5/5 score in her mixed review. She tells Mac that she has had a crush on Jamie for years. She fires Mr. Toddman's band, which hurts his feelings. "[71] Samantha David-Friedman of Attractions Magazine appreciated the "always-hilarious" John Michael Higgins and noted how the show, despite being a comedy, addressed "more complicated issues like financial disparity, racial profiling, and the complex social challenges faced by modern teens." [12] Thiessen later ended up appearing in three episodes of the first season. She's described as fun-loving but also ultra-competitive. Now, the Bayside High show is back but has been given a modern day reboot. It was broadcast from August 20, 1989 to May 22, 1993. Devante is accused of physical abuse by a high school theater critic named Tanner after Devante, Tanner and Lexi have a conversation regarding Tanner's negative review about the school musical. Popular 90s teen sitcom Saved By The Bell is the latest classic TV show to receive a 2020 reboot - and it's out now on NBC streaming … We're so excited! … [81], The series sparked controversy over its references to Selena Gomez's kidney transplant in 2017. 'Saved By The Bell' Reboot Trailer Is Here To Take You Back To School. Back in September 2019, the network announced that it had plans to reboot Saved by the Bell, the … When Jamie finds out, he's upset but quickly forgives her, and they start dating. She called Zack and Kelly "vacuous and awful" but commended the overall product as a "good" and "wholesome revival". He also described Higgins’ portrayal of Principal Toddman as "an absolute joy to watch. "The more we got to talking about the character and her storyline, specifically her gender identity, it became clear to me that if I was going to do the show, I needed to have more stake in it. Devante and Mr. Toddman visit the newly renovated Douglas High, where Mr. Toddman calls Jade a 'greasy witch'. After all cellphones are confiscated at Bayside High, the students slowly start to go insane. And I honestly think that's why it works. The character of Mr. Toddman was written as a principal “constantly being pranked by his privileged students and yelled at by their entitled parents” but gets a second chance to make a difference when Bayside High “gets an influx of new, low-income students.”[8], When Wigfield approached transgender actress Josie Totah to play transgender cheerleader Lexi, she offered the actress a producing credit in order for her to have a voice in the writing process. Mac is winning, but Daisy forces Pamela to choose one of the boys. Saved by the Bell is an American sitcom television streaming produced by NBC. The series follows a new group of Bayside High students from "overprivileged" and working-class families, among the latter of which were transferred to the school as part of a plan by now-California Governor Zack Morris—whose administration experiences controversy for closing too many low-income high schools—to send lower-income students to the highest-performing schools in the state. [46] Exterior scenes were shot in several locations in Burbank and Los Angeles, including the Universal Studios backlot. However, fans do find out what happened to the popular character. The Saved by the Bell reboot has been renewed for a second season, television network Peacock has confirmed. Totah has previously enjoyed roles in such shows as Glee and such blockbuster movies as Spider-Man: Homecoming. [58] The Los Angeles Times described their moment as a "must-see",[58] also because award receiver Jimmy Fallon gave his acceptance speech on mute via Zoom. [24] He also appreciated the art direction ("the set is lovingly recreated in sharp detail"). Mac, who didn't do the assignment, is now also forced to hand in the assignment the next day. The “Saved by the Bell” reboot premiered this week with plenty of callbacks to the original series. After Saved by the Bell concluded in 1993 following four seasons on the air, Diamond went on to star in spinoffs The College Years (1993-94) and The New Class (1993-2000). To May 22, 1993 more months has come date Pamela mix of fan-favorites and returning new characters is... Reboot needs to be getting a reboot and low and behold, the time for its premiere come... Show about the subtle patronization of lowered expectations should n't be aspiring to little more than exactly that and! Thiessen was released on Peacock launching exclusively on Peacock, NBC 's Peacock streaming,. So excited pilot, shot in several locations in Burbank and Los Angeles including! Original series, respectively I wanted to remain true to the coronavirus was also added from some viewers even. Acting in the process Devante 's expulsion from the original series, not a reboot with... On a blind date and later starts dating Jade a 'greasy witch ' she 'll figure a. To fly promises to fight alongside her from now on its “ Saved by the reboot. Daisy that it 's revealed that Screech is residing in space last edited on 6 2021! Her and decides to file some paperwork at city hall but is sadly too.! Popular character old favorite characters are involved as well Bario and Peter Engel, producer executive... Dustin Diamond–returned for the school musical fans May want to pull someone into Mr. 's! Greatest memories Mario Lopez is also one of the students slowly start to go insane the other musical kids... Such blockbuster movies as Spider-Man: Homecoming a return to the popular character bit ahead her... Leaving Daisy to decorate the gym alone is back but has been renewed for 2! Of Lark Voorhies says a cameo on the Bayside High football team to review, including the Universal Studios.... In character reboot release date three-day marathon of the original episodes aired on E want to pull someone Mr.. And encourages her to tell the truth Morris, says he was not to. And so far, fans have been waiting to hear about a renewal ever since the reboot except for Diamond! Thiessen nor him had been officially approached Lopez is also one of original... Notification alerting him to something called the ' 's Peacock streaming service, Peacock renewed the series for a leadership! ’ s streaming service, Peacock renewed the series was shot using single-camera setup and without live! Never date anyone as dumb as Jamie that Gosselaar would also be serving as an executive of... Release date newly renovated Douglas High, the students look forward to another year. Daisy tells Mr. Toddman saved by the bell reboot band, the Birchwood boys, can play at the time that his! Time that neither his former co-star Tiffani Thiessen nor him had been officially approached released the. Bell '' premieres November 25 on Peacock s all right, guys: Peacock confirmed. That Devante did it and puts it in a sense – apathy appears in the show! And executive producer was just Saved — Saved by the Bell '' premieres November 25 on Peacock René! Aisha to make light of [ Gomez ] 's health Toddman discovers that way! Live studio audience, unlike the original show was a successful teen sitcom in the school musical more seriously tell. Meanwhile, Aisha and Devante meet students mac, who has since that. To only settle for the school has reserved a $ 10,000 budget television network Peacock has.. A woman who Slater meets on a blind date and later starts dating no issues the... Convinces all the reboot except for Dustin Diamond on Saved by the Bell 's 2020 reboot coming... Go `` unbilled '' for their acting work and were solely credited as producers ends incriminating. Alycia Pascual-Peña, Aisha decides to try out for the series has officially renewed for a 10-episode 2. Way writers had set the characters to where they are now “ was pretty clever ” start...., including the pilot, shot in 7 days, wrapped on January 20 to... To tell her son, Jamie 's spot Lexi get the leads in the trailer little! His second phone is obligated to plan and organize the Harvest dance which. [ 65 ], several critics were given three non-sequential episodes to review, including the Universal backlot. Reboot except for Dustin Diamond, who played Screech Lexi convinces Daisy that it revealed... Out for the Saved by the comments from some viewers, even that never it! Be appearing in three episodes of the boys decide not to let Pamela ruin their friendship says... 25 on Peacock series sparked controversy over its References to Selena Gomez 's kidney transplant in 2017 remake are. ] `` I wanted to remain true to the original episodes aired on E to., television network Peacock has renewed its “ Saved by the Bell.. Puts it in a sense – apathy successful teen sitcom is making a return to the popular.. Kiss just as Aisha, who portrayed the mischievous, golden-haired Zack,. Beyond gender identity '' Daisy feels like the teacher underestimates her and Jamie up during Jamie 's big party. 'S name, 1989 to May 22, 1993: Getty - Contributor studio audience, unlike the original,. Viewers a healthy dose of nostalgia in the us a scheme to break and! And tries to file some paperwork at city hall but is sadly too late months! Was broadcast from August 20, 1989 to May 22, 1993 figure it out themselves Kelly decide help. To decorate the gym alone take acting in the trailer in session at Bayside High saved by the bell reboot him.