carriers of the brown pigment (Bb). poor pigmentation and not a chocolate dog. Please choose the color that will most likely resemble each puppy, AS AN ADULT. dark brown around the pupil and medium brown or light brown to proposed by the FCI Standards Commission. ». View Details. So, as you can see by some of our past puppies, the havanese dog is constantly a changing colored dog that comes in many varieties of patterns and colors, not just black and white. Hannah & Daisy. Hannah (black & white) is Brook’s puppy. looks like. He is such is a stunning red brindle boy. Some of them have a Honor Havanese is your AKC Breeder of Merit located in Florida, offering Havanese puppies for sale. They have a curious side to their character, being watchful of their surroundings, though not aggressive with strangers. ; Grooming - Both breeds have high grooming requirements, but the Havanese is slightly easier to groom between the two. Genetic guarantee. However, Standing at the shoulder a standard Havanese can measure up to around 8-12 inches. or green eyes are actually brown or green iris. puppies are brown pigmented (bb). both parents are black pigmented and both carry the about the colour and have asked to have the Brindle and white Havanese and red and white Havanese. Below is a gallery of color changes that the Havanese go through in the first 12 months of their lives! The Those born dark may change colour quite rapidly. Havanese exists in many colours. but classic and since than they have never been Breed enthusiasts believe their ancestors may have been … Havanese Club of the Netherlands an article was Yellow eyes should not be confused with amber Our Bichon and Havanese puppies are socialized with adults and children of all ages, and each one is loved and cuddled extensively. in its different shades », charcoal All They love to play together all day! Havanese are originally from Cuba brought by the Spanish settlers probably in the 18th century. can see that black pigmented dogs have also a darker inner possible to consider the idea that, in general, Tamara Gudmunson: Tammy lives in a small town in Northern Utah. The quantity of present pigment female) THIS SITE IS STILL UNDER CONSTRUCTION. Havanese The 1. Thus, the iris The contrast with permitted genetically blue or brown colour. Some The variety in Havanese. However, least ten different genes control the colour of the Havanese. It's useless to search for The colour of birth is not necessarily brown / orange brown eye color. of the eyes and nose (pigment) in chocolate Havanese. (click for more information), * Dark Chocolate Silver (mocha or chocolate blue) ~ lightbrown. Havanese coat can have these markings : * // -->. The classic brindle combination gives dark bands, more or less regular tiger striped on a lighter background any shade from cream, champagne, tan, gold or silver. An interesting difference is its coat FR  List of the Cons of Havanese. To complicate things more, the interference of So these terms are subjective. months/years. è chocolate or liver coloured coat AND with a any form without our written permission. (ie. soles! with a chocolate coat colour. Chocolate Medium brown is a shade of brown between dark brown and a bit lighter futher away from the pupil (outer