Mix the two ingredients and then rub the mixture on the affected area using a cotton swab. It is a specialist and … Cook the cloves and coconut oil at a low flame. Like any other disorder, Fordyce spots have symptoms that may range from mild to severe. Hello I have fordyce spots on my penis shaft that I'd like to get rid of. This thus deprives the glands enough oxygen and nutrients hence they become disseminated. She received her M.D. Other home remedies for Fordyce spots on lips and parts of the body. During puberty, the sebaceous glands tend to produce more oil than it usual. This absolutely not a skin infection. This article has really helped me understand my condition, and accept it. Other names for Fordyce spots are Fordyce’s condition, sebaceous prominence, Fordyce granules and Angiokeratoma of the scrotum. Bleeding During Intercourse: Vaginal, Penile, IUD or Cancer? Usually, sebaceous glands open to hair follicles and the oil is discharged up the hair shaft but for our case things are different, “in the case of Fordyce spots, no hair means there is no way to discharge the natural body oil secretions. To get rid of Fordyce spots, which are small, raised, pale or red bumps that may appear on your genitals or lips, keep your skin clear of excess oils and bacteria, particularly during the teen years when hormone levels soar. Consult with a dermatologist. Thus, oil production levels may be at higher rates than usual but then the process of releasing the oil to the skin may be slow and thus much oil is left to accumulate in the gland causing tumors or Fordyce spots. Add 10 ml of lemon syrup and 10 ml of tea tree extract. Natural remedies are treatments made from natural products that we have at our homes can also be very effective especially for mild cases of Fordyce spots. They are not contagious and they are harmless. How long will it take to control the fordyce spots on my penis with the over-the-counter items? Folliculitis occurs when the follicles that hold individual hairs become swollen. Repeat after every seven days. How to Get Thick Eyebrows: Products, Makeup+Remedies, Feet, Ankles, Face, Hand or Leg Swelling During Pregnancy, Tongue Peeling Causes: Pregnancy, White, and Treatments, Dry Vagina Causes, Menopause, Treatments and Best Lubes, Skin colored or yellow bumps about 0.2mm to 3mm, Easily visible spots especially on a stretched skin, Occur in clusters but at times they may be single, To a glass of cold water, add two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar, This should be repeated two to three times a day for excellent results, Pour 200ml of coconut oil into a cooking pan, Add 5 garlic cloves into the coconut oil and heat at low flame, After two to three hours, remove the pan from the stove and separate ether garlic cloves from the coconut oil, Apply the oil directly on the affected area, Wash the area with the tap running water and repeat this once a day, Crush garlic pieces using a weight and transfer them into a bowl, Add 200ml of water into the bowl and dilute the extract until they blend so well, Transfer the mixture into a container and drink it without other additives, This should be repeated thrice per day, that is, before or after meals, Add 50grams of turmeric powder into a half cup of warm milk, Add 50 ml of lemon juice to 10 ml of water and blend them properly, Add orange juice the mixture and spin them well, Using cotton wool, dab into the mixture and apply it on the affected area, Crush asparagus and add it into a bowl of water, Add 10 ml of lemon syrup and 10 ml of tea tree extract, Mix them thoroughly until an equally thick paste is formed, Leave the mixture to sit for a while and apply directly on the affected area, Wash it off with tap running water and repeat this twice a day for awesome results, Wash the affected area using an antibacterial soap, Using your hands, apply olive oil on the affected area.