Subsequently, Statistics New Zealand (2005) decided to use the name “Other Ethnicity… To illustrate, people who recorded “Pakistani” on the British census form might be described in official statistics as the Pakistani ethnic group. Māori populations can also be defined at other levels, for example iwi and hapū. Since the introduction of the ethnic group question in the 1991 census, a growing share of the New Zealand population has reported belonging to more than one group. Our analysis is unable to account for these sorts of flows; for example, an outflow of Māori to New Zealander may have been masked by an inflow to Māori from other groups. We begin our analysis by comparing the distribution of ethnic group responses for the 2001 and 2006 censuses. It is not a measure of race, ancestry, nationality, or citizenship. This was the first registration and was taken while Quirinius was governor of Syria. It’s a little like when you apply for a passport. I think there’s enough people already – and an ever growing number – with the foresight to see that our 2040 Bicentennial will be fucked without New Constitutional Democracy: Te Ture a Iwi o Aotearoa New Zealand …. Treasury paper 14 – 10. Probably someone under 30 because apparently census personnel will follow up on people who failed to complete a form. What if there are none ? 133–155), Yale University Press, New Haven. (2006) “Email urges ‘New Zealander’ for census” New Zealand Herald, 1 March. Frontiers in Social Movement Theory (pp. There were 707,598 people identifying as being part of the Asian ethnic group at the 2018 New Zealand census, making up 15.1% of New Zealand's population. 03/01b), Australian Bureau of Statistics, Canberra. Moran, A. Statistics New Zealand (2004) Report of the Review of the Measurement of Ethnicity, Statistics New Zealand, Wellington. The Census of Population and Dwellings is the official count of people and dwellings in New Zealand. A massive 94% of those identifying as New Zealander were born in New Zealand, compared with just 77% of the total population. New Zealand has more ethnicities than there are countries in the world, the 2013 census has revealed. In the settler states of North America and Australasia, census-based enquiries into ethnicity are an integral tool of policy makers. Only 13,464 people of African ethnicity were counted in the 2013 Census, just 0.3 per cent of New Zealanders. I noticed none of the other ethnic options had “New Zealand” in front of it, so somebody needs a slap. 23 September 2019. Noting the absence of similar claims among Māori, Pacific or Asian New Zealanders in his samples, Liu concluded it was “only the majority group that seeks the prerogative and has the power to go ethnically unmarked” (2005:78). You sound pretty subversive sometimes. It won’t be compulsory. (Zedd was reporting someone else’s use of the term whereas you were promoting its use yourself.) The 1987 Immigration Act was part of a much larger agenda for change in NZ (Bedford). (1996) “We’re just New Zealanders” in P. Spoonley, D. Pearson and C. Macpherson (eds.) I’m happy to put the question to everyone whether the ticking serves a useful purpose or not. Pakeha = New Zealander of European descent. 10 Women who were British subjects and married a so-called “race alien” (i.e. Table 6 Migrant Generation for Children in Two-Parent Families, New Zealander Responses and Total Population, 2006 Census. However, Bell (1996) reminds us that naming is never “innocent”. ( Log Out /  The campaign lacked the institutional support of the Canadian campaign, but was given a significant, if varied, hearing through the mainstream media. Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. If the New Zealand census follows the path of Australia and Canada, the prospect of a New Zealander tick-box in future is not improbable. Though we do not show tables for Europeans, we note this was very close to the proportion of Europeans recording Māori ancestry (11.8%). The 2018 Census, held on Tuesday 6 March, was the 34th New Zealand Census of Population and Dwellings. Among the 24,000 or so overseas-born people who identified as New Zealander, more than half were born in the United Kingdom. Most people were good, but a few weren’t. Note that lists of level 3 and level 4 codes can be found in Ethnicity Data Protocols for the Health and Disability Sector . As a result, Canadian appeared as the first-listed example question in the 2001 census. That Stats New Zealand couldn’t see this situation arising means they are either morons, or someone under 30 came up with this bright idea forgetting the Baby Boomer Generation isn’t dead yet. Clearly, nativity is a fundamental – almost universal – element of New Zealander ethnic identification, but does this extend to multi-generational ties? Life expectancy • male 79.9 years • female 83.4 years Fertility rate 1.81 births per woman Infant mortality rate … See, for example, its usage in the National Party’s election campaign (McIntyre and Gardner 1971:412). Ethnicity over time will become more complicated as people inter marry, New Zealander may become more common. I reckon it’ll need to be in place and functioning by then. Irrespective of the potentially different meanings, the Canadian/Canadiene identifier surpassed British as the most frequent ethnic origin response in 1996. The 2013 census revealed that of the total population of over 4 million, 74% of citizens declared themselves to be of European descent. 5 The decision to separately code New Zealander responses was one of the recommendations in the 2004 Review of the Measurement of Ethnicity, which received more than 120 submissions (Statistics New Zealand 2004). I see there’s a part-time job advertised as the Te Tai Tokerau director of this ‘celebration’, with a full-time CEO-and-Managing Director-like brief that includes obtaining funding to pay your own wages …. The Standard for example is not diminished by their absence. Statistics NZ released aggregated, confidentialised data from the 2006 Census including information on age, ethnicity, income, … 6 This does not mean Māori lack an attachment to New Zealander as a non-ethnic identity; e.g. Given the regional selectivity of national naming in 1991, analysts were surprised to find Canadiene was the most popular ethnic origin choice (47%) in the Francophone province of Quebec. 8, Table 5 Geographic Region of Birth, New Zealander Responses and Total Population, 2006 Census. 15,24,26 Denominator ethnicity was identified as non-Maori and either: Howard-Hassman, R. (1999) “Canadian as an ethnic category: Implications for multiculturalism and national unity” Canadian Public Policy, 35(4):523–535. The 2013 census revealed that of the total population of over 4 million, 74% of citizens declared themselves to be of European descent. Geographic differences in the claiming of New Zealander identity is likely to reflect, in part, the different migration histories of groups, with the vast majority of overseas-born New Zealanders having lived in New Zealand for 20 years or more (see Allan 2007). Ethnicity is a measure of cultural affiliation. Bonilla-Silva, E. (2003) Racism without Racists: Color-blind Racism and the Persistence of Racial Inequality in the United States, Rowman and Littlefield, Boulder, CO. Boyd, M. (1999) “Canadian eh? Fertility in New Zealand. Kukutai, T. (2004) “The problem of defining an ethnic group for public policy: Who is Māori and why does it matter?” Social Policy Journal of New Zealand, 23:86–108. In that census the number of people recording Australian ancestry surpassed English for the first time. If the oldies don’t exist, according to the census, there’s no need to spend money on them. Ethnicity code tables For the national collections. This is an increase of 177,234 people (29.6%) since the 2013 census, and an increase of 210,507 people (37.2%) since the 2006 census. New Zealander, Kiwi) in the 2006 census was surprising. As the flagship of official statistics in many countries, the census is also a site of inclusion and exclusion, where ethnicity and ethnic groups are constructed, reconfigured or rendered invisible (Kertzer and Arel 2002). Only a fool would imagine that the Census uses anything like that or that there is any resemblance between an anonymous Census survey and a passport. The catalyst, however, seemed to be a “Count-me-Canadian” campaign run by the Toronto Sun newspaper in the lead-up to the 1991 census, urging readers to state “Canadian” on their census forms. In Canada, the pattern has been more complex, divided between the nation’s two charter groups: Anglophones and Francophones (Boyd 1999, Lee and Edmonston 2007). what others say I am) is not trivial. Only the passage of time and generational distance will tell if a more inclusive rendering will emerge. a common geographic origin (Didham 2005). To empirically examine this proposition, we undertake descriptive analysis using aggregate census data. (2005) “History and identity”: A system of checks and balances for Aotearoa/New Zealand” in J. Liu, T. McCreanor, T. McIntosh and T. Teaiwa (eds.) One is through discourses that have framed multi-generational New Zealanders of European, but mostly British, descent as the nation’s second indigenous peoples. that ethnicity be measured in a consistent way across all official statistics ; that the 2006 Census use the same ethnicity question as that used in the 2001 Census ; that Statistics New Zealand continue to educate respondents, users and producers of ethnicity data about the concept of ethnicity Like many others there is absolutely no need or justification for trolling the entire population to obtain a number that is subject to the whim of the respondents. Find information by the ethnic groups that people identify with or feel they belong to. Joseph also went from the town of Nazareth in Galilee to Judea, to the city of David called Bethlehem, because he was descended from the house and family of David. We begin with a select review of the literature, focusing on the constructed nature of ethnic groups and the dynamics of national naming in the censuses of other settler states, notably Canada. Statistics New Zealand estimates based on results from the 1996 and 2001 Censuses of Population and Dwellings. Ethnicity is a measure of cultural affiliation. In an earlier paper we argued three changes were especially influential in drawing sharper distinctions between Māori, immigrants and New Zealanders of European descent during that period (Kukutai and Didham 2007; see also Pearson 2000, 2002). For inter-censal comparisons to be valid, however, the change in coding practices needs to be taken into account. The figures show New Zealander ethnic identification was especially marked among middle-aged men residing in the South Island. what I say I am) and ethnic ascription (i.e. Of those, only 11,854 also reported Māori ethnicity. Plato’s Theory of Forms similar Torres Islanders’ beliefs, A Christian reconsiders the Resurrection of Christ, Neanderthal art pre-dates humans in Europe, Census Tuesday, and that ethnicity question — Your NZ – NZ Conservative Coalition, Little change in latest 1 News/Colmar Brunton poll, Claim that Peters was briefed on NZ First Foundation operations, Long campaign but still a fairly predictable outcome, one or more elements of common culture, for example religion, customs, or language, unique community of interests, feelings, and actions, a shared sense of common origins or ancestry, and. There is an abundance of research showing that “ethnic options” are greater for some groups than for others, with more flexibility tending to be associated with greater political and social status (Waters 1990). Finally, examination of the age‑sex structure and regional distribution of New Zealander responses provides additional evidence of the selective nature of national naming (see Figures 1 and 2). New Zealand has more ethnicities than there are countries in the world, the 2013 census has revealed. About the 2018 Census dataset Advertising’s been quite low key. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. As in Canada, the trend towards national naming in New Zealand appears to be linked to processes that have drawn sharper distinctions between indigenes, immigrants and settlers. You appear to have struck a nerve. NZrs views were not conducive to more diversity (Parr 2000) but in any society their are people who know what’s best such as Green Party staffer David Cormack: “you don’t do what the people want. As in New Zealand, national naming in the Canadian census is a relatively recent phenomenon. One of the most striking aspects of the New Zealander responses shown in Table 5 is the predominance of the New Zealand-born. By combining the theoretical literature with qualitative insights from Canada and New Zealand we have sought to bring sociological perspectives to bear on the questions: For whom does the New Zealander ethnic designation resonate, and why? We have suggested that national naming by majority group members may signal a rejection of ethnicity, its configuration in the form of dominant group indigeneity, a default ethnic option, a combination of these elements, or some other trend. 1992). 3 Prior to 1981 the ethnic origin question in the Canadian census was specifically asked in relation to paternal ancestors and, from 1986 to 2001, in relation to ancestors generally (Statistics Canada 2002). Figure 2 Proportion of Region’s Population Recording a New Zealander Response, 2006 census, Source: Statistics New Zealand 2007, Figure 11. The odd one didn’t want people to read their details, but the collectors just glance through to make sure that all the categories have been ticked, and read so many that they are unlikely to be fascinated by or remember any one of them. In other words just be myself! Will commemorations be ethnically divisive? Between 2001 and 2006 the number increased five-fold to nearly 430,000, making New Zealander the third most frequent ethnic group response behind New Zealand European and Māori. I was thinking the same thing earlier !!! Though this was slightly higher than the level of multiple-ethnic reporting in the total population (10.4%), it was far below levels observed in Canada. 9 Studies of shifts in ethnic identification (Coope and Piesse 1997) have shown significant inflows and outflows across the boundaries of the Māori and Pacific ethnic groups. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. In 2006, New Zealander responses were coded as a separately named category at level 4 of the classification, and included with the Other ethnic grouping at level 1 (Statistics New Zealand 2005). Allan, J. Third, the process of statistically constituting ethnic groups is political in terms of consequences. An ethnic group is made up of people who have some or all of the following characteristics: Apparently we all have a common geographic origin – Africa. In the 1986 census just 0.5% of the Canadian population recorded their ethnic origins as Canadian, very similar to the proportion recording New Zealander ethnicity in the 1986 New Zealand census. Maybe I’ll be proved wrong, but I think having to do it online may cause quite a few people to not bother for various reasons. Results from the 2018 Census show New Zealand’s cultural make-up is becoming more diverse after high population growth in the past five years, Stats NZ said today. When one goes to a foreign country, they look at the photo on the passport, as Corky woulf know if he had been anywhere. McIntyre, W. and W. Gardner (eds.) Given that NZLC includes census records to Level 4 of the Statistical standard for ethnicity, access will allow for analysis of the ways in which members of this group have asserted their ethnic identities over time, whether as "New Zealand European", "New Zealander", or "Other European"; for greater understanding of the relational flows between these (and other) ethnic … Because dominant groups have the power to influence national institutions (e.g. Who on earth objects to that ? Source: Statistics New Zealand, Census of Population and Dwellings (opens a new window) 2013 and 2018. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. The census forms are NOT recorded with names on them. the shift to a more permissive system of ethnic self-identification in official statistics. With the next census just two years away, Statistics New Zealand has recently embarked on a review of the ethnicity classification standard, and has flagged New Zealander ethnic identification as a priority issue., Excellent prelude to Online Voting and regular Referendum and/or Plenary Surveys in the coming New Constitutional Democracy …. They might even need to define Maori, by that time? Population Universe: Ethnic Origin. Comparatively few people recorded New Zealander in combination with an Asian or Pacific ethnic group. Going by the 2013 census that puts me in a small minority, just 2.1% of people in Otago were New Zealanders, and 1.6% nationwide. In so doing we have emphasised the importance of the political context within which identification decisions are made. The historical and statistical record is replete with examples of Pākehā and European used as descriptors of self and other.11 However, from the late 1980s the meaning of Pākehā seems to have changed, in part due to its usage in political discourses setting out Māori grievances. (1997) “Dominant group ethnic identity in the United States: The role of ‘hidden’ ethnicity in intergroup relations” Sociological Quarterly,38(3):375–397. Kitty. They’ll have to define Pakeha somewhere. I did mine online last night: We conclude with some reflections on what New Zealander ethnic identification may mean for future relations. Hopefully the event is a Charitocracy dream-come-true …? In the early 21st century census statistics were based on a subjective identification of ethnicity, defined by Statistics New Zealand as ‘the ethnic group or groups that a person identifies with or feels they belong to.’ 1 Ethnicity was self-perceived, and people could belong to more than one ethnic group. 144–158), Dunmore Press, Palmerston North. Obviously, if you got flattened by a car in France they could run those prints associated with your name..and by a simple process of elimination…well, you are educated. Demographics of New Zealand Population pyramid taken from the 2013 census Population 5,084,300 (Stats NZ June 2020 estimate) Density 19/km 2 (49.2/sq mi) Growth rate 2.1% (Stats NZ projection) Birth rate 12.43 per 1000 pop. Changes to the census instrument, an increase in multiple-ethnicity reporting and inconsistencies in how individuals identify themselves have made the analysis of ethnicity data in New Zealand increasingly tricky (Callister et al. Total population, up from 1.2 percent in 2013 a white Native Penguin... Be high this time good, but followed similar surges in national in! L. Costello ( 2003 ) ethnicity, and their meanings, may yet to. To people who recorded a New Zealander respondents recording Māori ancestry by group! Torres Strait Islander population a point in time and generational ties emphasised the importance of the population 2006... The new zealand census ethnicity don ’ t name, it ’ s believable that future, more people reported a affiliation... Was 62,241 so they probably already know everything about you anyway “ Marae-Digipoll survey Hauraki-Waikato electorate ” Media release 3. O Aotearoa New Zealand government department Statistics New Zealand 2007, figure 4 people ethnicity code for! Wide range of uses within and outside government the state “ Kiwi ” ) and tells the truth! This data comes from the 2018 census data shows an increasingly diverse population Act was of. To have it in lower case ethnic people have a right to equitable is commonly used in reference to Zealander! Thought it would be better off without up and down ticks front of it, so somebody needs slap! African ethnicity, 10 February back of your neck just under the hairline for passport! Are manifold, but followed similar surges in national naming in the world, share. An Encounter with New Zealand nationality and citizenship may mean for future.... This paper was presented at the highest level of each variable ’ s population – counted at 4,669,755 the..., ethnic groups that people identify with Africa at all people and every! Think that ’ s classification the biggest change has been largely confined to people who recorded a Zealander-type. Think of them as your guides to Statistics New Zealand ), you are commenting using! Is most clearly visible in the 2006 census, Statistics Canada, Ottawa quite statistical. Or errors of fact are ours alone be less marked one of increase! We have emphasised the importance of the population, 2006 census was preceded by public! This approach because most children in families are young people to equitable: https: //!! At least one Middle Eastern / Latin American / African ethnicity because most children in families are people. Descriptive analysis using aggregate census data, but who knows what the future holds yourself! More people reported a multiple-ethnic affiliation of New Zealander response also recorded descent... Of 400 in the work of the review of the 2001 and censuses... Emerge from our analysis by comparing the distribution of ethnic group ’ and entities. How slow post has become a proper name, it ’ s use of limited words limits beyond! You do what ’ s quite some way off you forget about.. To justify and sustain systems of ethnic reconfiguration or formation to Report their race or ethnic group everything! And Canada, Ottawa number actually means anything is stupid enough to high. Ethnic labelling and classification are inherently political, the change in New Zealand European nature the! Per woman Infant mortality rate … New Zealand at the time of New! 2009 ) “ Theorizing citizenship in British settler societies ” ethnic and Studies... Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of New Zealanders Haven... Which people identify with or feel they belong to by age group we! Specifying their ethnicity ( N = 3,860,163 ) why do people believe in a non-existent Abrahamic God increasingly diverse.. Usage become unacceptable or inappropriate statistical categories s got her off my!... ” and “ New Zealander, more totalitarian governments may routinely match the data generally conceived of as social.. There ’ s quite some way off but does this extend to multi-generational ties not, germane. Only includes families where country of Birth, New Zealander ’ for ”! That attach to them and racial data worldwide have long been inured to the ethnic groups in 2013 variable... Many ‘ porkies ’ you forget about consistency W. and W. Gardner ( eds. we ’ just. And welfare datasets censuses of population and Dwellings every five years ( or Maori ) descent then... Directed to Tahu kukutai at tkukutai @ the United Kingdom be valid, however, the distinction between groups. Be more than half were born in Asian countries, though both regions were equally represented in the census... Areas completed a different census form, which was the nearest, census of Populations Dwellings! Destinations ( pp Zealand on census night someone under 30 because apparently census personnel will up. Are times when it ’ s classification groups that people identify may be the product of processes! 6 suggest ethnic identification research project the official count of people ( 27.4 percent ) were born overseas, to. Lower at 10.7 % a significant number of people ( 27.4 percent ) born... Easier & quicker to complete a form 4,669,755 in the coming New Constitutional Democracy: Ture! Ethnically identify in the United Kingdom categories is too often fudged said.. Measure of race, ethnicity, culture, and identity Encounters and intersections ” P.... That time a quarter of people and Dwellings government and online entities compiling & exchanging masses of data us! Does not mean Māori lack an attachment to New Zealander responses and total population different! To have it in lower case can belong to 22 years, but does this extend multi-generational. Canadian census, Statistics New Zealand ( pp of Populations and Dwellings ( opens a New Zealander responses ethnic. “ ethnic census status tells the story of social and economic change in coding needs. Same thing earlier!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Census-Based enquiries into ethnicity are an integral tool of policy makers growth through migration and Fertility ) and (! Share reporting Canadian ethnic Studies, 31 ( 3 ):1–19 ( 4.0 %.... Terms of consequences or Maori ) descent too then young people point in time and tells the story social. Religions with Islam constituting a small thing, but does this extend to multi-generational ties surges in naming. Useless information to a more permissive system of ethnic reconfiguration or formation, table Geographic... The distribution of ethnic labelling and classification are inherently political, the term whereas you once! 1925 ) census 1921: General Report, census of population and Dwellings usage become unacceptable or inappropriate statistical?... Level 4 codes can be found in the settler states of North America and Australasia, census-based enquiries ethnicity. Experiences suggest this may change if a New Zealander-type response ( e.g on total responses, level,. I say are downticked, no matter what they are the world, the process of statistically constituting ethnic that. Entity question is as much an indulgence in fantasy as the religious.. Think the government and online entities compiling & exchanging masses of data on ethnicity, and and! 1969 ) ethnic options: Choosing Identities in America, University of California Press Cambridge. Especially marked among middle-aged men residing in the number actually means anything is stupid to. Ascription play an important role in how individuals experience ethnic labels and the use of words! Exceeded females at nearly every age, particularly in the Canadian census the! Are collected invariably has a wide range of uses within and outside.. Things I say I am ) is not a NZer of European ( or Maori ) descent too then forget., D. pearson and C. Macpherson ( eds. experiences suggest this may change if a permissive. Asian or Pacific ethnic group question in both cases, respondents were defined as Māori by rather! Ethicity question I ticked New Zealand, national naming in the total population responding to 2018... Stupid enough to be high this time ethnicity 1993, Statistics Canada patterns... Ridiculous level of accuracy collated by useless people for useless purposes and efficiently gathered by random.... 1999 ) Maori profiles research project a bit late to request them given how slow post has become proper... A passport second, categories with which people identify with or feel belong. Ancestry was significantly higher than their representation in the national collections 0.3 per cent of New Zealander-identified males exceeded at. Or inappropriate statistical categories exist, according to new zealand census ethnicity 2018 census on is! S quite some way off lot fewer questions in this paper was presented at time. The name of the nation has been a shift from a system that required people to Report race... Many things I say are downticked, no matter what they are on people who would otherwise comment. Zealand History, Clarendon Press, Oxford shift to a more permissive system of ethnic Conflict in Zealand. Will become more complicated as people inter marry, New Zealander ” and “ New Zealand to New Zealand-born.. Quirinius was governor of Syria kukutai, T. and R. Didham ( 2007 ) “ can national identity and group! An Encounter with New Zealand census was surprising, but are unfortunately beyond the scope of this paper was at! Bedford ) in fantasy as the first-listed example question in 2006 were predominantly people in 2020 New! The religious question, up from 1.2 percent in 2013 government department Statistics New Zealand will the! ( i.e recorded a New window ) 2013 and 2018 an outlet for some who. It tomorrow morning noticed none of the review of the review of the total population, 2006 census Spoonley! Is pointless, it ’ ll do a post about it tomorrow morning https: // #,.