If you’ve always wanted to learn bulk cooking and didn’t know the right steps to take, Nigerian food vlogger Yemisi Odusanya, known professionally as Sisiyemmie, will show you how. Log In. or. Most nigerians make more edikaikong soup than every other soup simply because it is likely the best source of vitamins to them. Tag Archives: sisi yemmie ogbono soup. These days, we thank God for things like Youtube and so many websites you can learn anything from. March 18. I accept cash, gift certificates, ... Calabar has a soup similar, Edikaikong soup. Zeelicious Foods by Winifred. She also stating that the advice she shares, she wishes someone had given them to […] Nigerian cuisine.Top Nigerian food blog. The mother of two who is known for her well thought out and delicious recipes is out with another banger. 24/08/2020 22/08/2020 by SisiYemmieTV. INGREDIENTS. This fried rice is entirely different from the popular Asian Chicken Fried Rice because the depth of the taste in the later comes from the Soy sauce while the depth of taste of the later comes from the Curry powder, Thyme, Seasoning cubes, and of course the … I also add little amount of water and mix the contents of the pot with the omorogun aka o’turneba aka wooden ladle. This Nigerian vegetable soup is easy to make, delicious and nutritious. Lifestyle and food vlogger, Sisi Yemmie is back with another yummy recipe, and this time she’s teaching us how to cook edikaikong soup. Related Pages. Afang Soup Recipe. Kitchen/Cooking. Meal Prep with me, do you meal prep? I can show you better than I can tell you on www.sisiyemmie.com West African Food. 1,120 Likes, 83 Comments - Yemisi O | Content Creator (@sisi_yemmie) on Instagram: “How many Vegetables can you identify? Ify's kitchen. Nov 20, 2018 - A yummy serving of fried rice with chicken INGREDIENTS Rice ... Read OnNigerian Fried Rice By Sisi Yemmie I almost, always have stew/beans/soup. Create New Account. Have you heard of egusi peppersoup before? Photo: Nigerian Food TV #2. Afang soup is a native soup to the South South Nigeria and is a very traditional and nutritious soup as it consists mainly […] This delicious soup edikaikong is made with a generous amount of proteinous ingredients which makes it … Edikaikong soup is a mouth watering nutritious vegetable soup, native to the Efiks of Cross River and Akwa Ibom states in Nigeria and one of their most richest and popular soup recipe. Sisi Yemmie. 1. or you just "lest see how it goes" it? HOW TO COOK EFO RIRO SOUP | THE SISIYEMMIE VERSION 🔥: Learn how to Cook Efo Riro Soup. I remember the first time I tasted Afang Soup; it was many years ago…my roomie then took me to a Restaurant, I tasted Afang Soup and White Soup -it was like heaven! Pomo. Food writer. The yam peppersoup This is either a combo of the meat peppersoup with yam or […] Feb 27, 2017 - Efo riro ! This recipe is not complicated, you only need the ingredients listed below. Champions, celebrities, presidents, and so many great people were born in October, and Sisi Yemmie is on that list! See more ideas about nigerian food, vegetable soup… Try Sisi Yemmie‘s noodle stuffed egg recipe for a change. Sisi yemmie: I think it depends on the couple. Categories SisiYemmieTV. Nigerian Recipes. Your tomatoes are beautiful. Log In. Easy steps to prepare edikaikong soup. Let Sisi Yemmie teach You how to Prepare this Rich & Nutritious Edikaikong Soup . Create New Account. Categories SisiYemmieTV. James Bond's sexiest Bond Girls of all time – where the 007 stars are today . I’ve promised myself to try out several recipes I’ve been compiling from one of my favourite food bloggers, Sisi Yemmie. Goat Meat. Here are the kinds of peppersoup most people know; #1. SISI YEMMIE | Nigerian Lifestyle Blogger and Content Creator: I write about Blogging, Motherhood, Food & More! Categories SisiYemmieTV. Shine Nose Smoked Fish. Crayfish. HOW I CREATE CONTENT FOR FOOD & LIFESTYLE – SISI YEMMIE. I love kale In my soups Egusi, okro, oha, vegetable soup, indomie, fried eggs etc. Jun 2, 2019 - Edikaikong/Edikang Ikong soup is a nutritious, tasty, leafy green vegetable soup from Southern Nigeria made with fluted pumpkin leaves and Malabar spinach. Sisi Yemmie Shares Secrets For Starting A Successful YouTube Channel | Watch! This is the best efo riro recipe. Kitchen/Cooking. If you don’t love Egusi Soup, chances are you haven’t eaten a well-prepared one. Enjoy your sweet soup! 351. 31/08/2020 27/08/2020 by SisiYemmieTV. HOW TO COOK BANGA SOUP WITH CATFISH #DeltaBangaSoup. or. I parboil the rice slightly, add the stock/broth, add curry, thyme, knorr cube, salt and blended dry pepper. Efo can be paired with eba, rice, etc. Nigerian food recipes. ADVERTISEMENT. Popular food and lifestyle blogger cum vlogger, Yemisi Sophie Olusanya, better known as Sisi Yemmie just dropped 3 amazing fried chicken recipes for every child. This pepper is optional, I just don’t like rice without pepper. Ogbono soup is a delicious soup that many tribes in Nigeria enjoy. BOROKINNI BURHAN May 6, 2020. It is also called Ogbolo and is sometimes supplemented with leafy vegetables. RECOMMENDED. Edikaikong soup is rich and nutritious, you will love it. 30w Reply. 915 Likes, 57 Comments - Yemisi O | Content Creator (@sisi_yemmie) on Instagram: “When my Egusi Soup is bubbling like this, I know it's going to be lit🔥Whats your favourite Nigerian…” I think it takes a while to find your rhythm or balance and your comfort zone. All Nigerian Recipes. Kitchen/Cooking. Best food websites. Jan 26, 2014 - Nigerian Food. Stock Fish. This recipe is simplified and sooooo delicious! By Jennifer Okundia. We are in Jos and sell kale. See more of Sisi Yemmie on Facebook. From her Suya wraps, to her her Potato & Turkey Pottage, I so love everything from her YouTube channel. Not Now. how to cook the best edikaikong soup + market runs Learn how to Cook Edikangikong soup, this recipe is not complicated, you only need the ingredients listed below. 31/08/2020 28/08/2020 by SisiYemmieTV. How To Prepare Ogbonno Soup with these Recipe. Feb 6, 2014 - Explore Shikenan.com| All about Nigeri's board "Edikaikong Soup Nigerian food (Vegetable soup)", followed by 303 people on Pinterest. Edikangikong Soup is … My birthday is in October, so start preparing my birthday present oh, nothing is too small, nothing too big. EXCITING FOOD HAUL + NEW PRODUCTS! That memory did not leave me and since then I have tried to make it so that it tastes as delicious as my first experience which I am happy to say I have nailed which is why I’m sharing my recipe with you. For me, this is weekend I cook. Goat meat pepper soup is about the easiest meal to prepare if you have all your ingredients available and if you don't believe me, just watch Sisi Yemmie The meat peppersoup This can be made from any kind of meat: beef, poultry, chevon (goat meat, I can blow grammar too) etc. African Food. Stir the soup and taste for salt and other seasonings, if it is not enough, adjust them; Put off the heat and serve your edikaikong soup with fufu, semolina, alebo, eba (garri), etc. Most Nigerian homes have indomie noodles, perhaps as an emergency meal, here’s … Forgot account? Jollof rice is one of the delicious Nigerian food that you learn how to cook easily, find detailed step by step recipe for making Nigeria's national dish. Watch the video below for a step-by-step on making the perfect finger-licking Egusi Soup. See more of Sisi Yemmie on Facebook. In her latest vlog, celebrated Nigerian blogger Sisi Yemmie shares secrets that have worked for her on starting a successful YouTube channel. Which is where Sisi Yemmie’s recipe on preparing the delicacy comes in. Watch how Sisi Yemmie makes her Delicious Afang Soup One of our favourite Nigerian vloggers, Sisi Yemmie has revealed the recipe for her yummy Afang soup in her latest vlog. Foodland Fairy. I would love to see your feedback in the comments.

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